1-2-1 Mentoring

I can help you create a stand out personal brand.

My clients all have different reasons for working on their personal brand, but they all have a common goal – to create greater impact. This will look different for everybody.

You may be a business owner who is looking to raise reputation and profile as an expert in your field.

You may be a business leader and have been told you need more gravitas and presence.

You may be looking to clarify and define your leadership style.

You may be ready to step up in your career.

We will work together to clarify your brand (exploring your current impact through honest feedback) building on strengths and uncovering any blind spots.

Each programme covers the core principles of personal branding, adapted to your individual outcomes and goals.


Clarity is the foundation of your personal brand.

You need to clarify your message – Who you are and what do you want to be known for?

You also need absolute clarity on who you are talking to – who are your target audience?

We will work together to uncover the essence of your personal brand – who you are, what you do and how you do it.  You are unique. You need to tell the world what makes you special.


Once you have clarity you can start to communicate your message with true impact.  We communicate a message to every single person we interact with.  We make an impression on everyone we meet. To have true impact this message should be consistent.  When your words and non-verbal communication are aligned you will deliver your message with impact.

Covering all areas of communication:  verbal, non-verbal, body language, vocal impact, presence, gravitas and presentation skills you will earn tools and techniques to make a greater impact, every time.  You will build rapport and relationships that have clients wanting to work with you, becoming passionate advocates of your work.


Who want’s to be the world’s best kept secret?

To succeed, it is crucial to be able to articulate your worth.  To pitch and present with impact and build a reputation and profile as an expert in your field, the front of mind person.

You are the CEO of ME plc.  Your work will not speak for itself; it is time to let people know how good you are.  By building a powerful marketing strategy, you communicate your message using the channels best suited to you and your audience.

Deborah Ogden recently delivered an uplifting session for my group of professional women on how to focus on career success by having that all important edge. Deborah is engaging, eloquent and empowers her audience to self-reflect and take action. This was one of our most popular events of the year.

Wendy RamshawAscension

Deborah has a rare talent of captivating her audience so that they hang on to every word and we highly recommend her as a speaker.

Marion LawrenceFounder & Director of The PA Club

Deborah has the ability of sharing her knowledge in a way that feels like osmosis. I am proud to have her as a friend and business contact, as she is the person to go to if you want to improve your personal brand, and impact.

Barbara NixonLeadership Coach

I've seen Deborah present on a number of occasions and each one has been amazing. The message she shares is really positive and have a great impact on her audience. I have certainly found myself standing straighter and taller since one of her presentations!

Amy RussellCrescent Virtual Assistant Limited

Deborah has made a huge difference to my life and I now feel much more confident both in myself and within situations that I used to dread.
I now feel that I have presence when I enter a room and I'm daring to do many things that I once would have been too shy or scared to do.

JulieFinance Director

Deborah has a totally natural delivery style which ensured that all our team were able to embrace both the direct and sometimes subliminal messages of the bespoke Impact Workshop and presentation prepared for us.

Claire LawtonJolliffe Cork

Deborah really did deliver the day with great energy, helping us all to understand each other better and the organisation as a whole – including our values.

James ScottJames Scott Accountants

The best you.

Working on your personal brand is about discovering and enhancing your natural strengths and personality. It’s about making the most of you with extra impact. By solidifying your personal brand you are making sure you get noticed, heard and remembered. Whether it’s through 1-2-1 mentoring, group facilitation or a webinar series, I can help guide you to better impact, more presence and greater results.