Do you always make an Impact?

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Do you always make an impact?

The answer is YES.  

The real question is: what type of impact do you make?

If there is someone else in the room you will make an impact on them.

If it’s a first meeting, you have a matter of seconds to make an impression, and during those few seconds they will make certain assumptions about you – it’s what we are hard-wired to do!

Make a poor first impression and it can take another eight to ten positive interactions to correct it.

So how do you make a great impact?

The key is a strong personal brand.

Once you have your strong brand you must communicate it consistently: through visual presentation;  non-verbal communication; your voice and behaviours.  In other words: the whole package!  Get one part wrong and you can undermine your credibility in an instant.

People buy people. 

What they buy is your personal brand.


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