Educating Yorkshire star benefits from positive impact

By January 29, 2015 No Comments

One of the stars of hit Channel 4 documentary, Educating Yorkshire, has received specialist positive impact training from leading personal branding coach, Deborah Ogden to help him land the role of head teacher.

Deputy Head and maths teacher Michael Steer worked closely with Huddersfield-based Deborah Ogden to give him the extra edge in his job interview and enhance his prospects of landing the position of headteacher at Thornhill Community Academy.

The role is currently held by Mr Johnny Mitchell who will leave the school in summer 2015 to take up a new post in Leeds, following his four year career at the now famous Dewsbury school, which has won a number of awards since the documentary aired in summer 2013.

Deborah Ogden, who specialises in positive impact, conducted the private session with Mr Steer in Wakefield city centre’s newest hotel, the Holiday Inn Express. As well as encouraging the teacher to discuss his strengths and weaknesses and increase his confidence in presenting, she showed Mr Steer how to express self-assured body language in order to connect with his audience.

Providing a number of motivational tips, Deborah Ogden left the teacher with a number of thoughts on how to keep a crowd of adults engaged and explained:

“We all saw on Educating Yorkshire how dedicated Michael is to getting his students the best possible grades and there is no doubt that he is a leader in the classroom. However, an interview panel is quite a different scenario and so it was imperitive that we worked together to bring out the best from him on a more intimate level, whereby he could effectively convey how he is equipped to take on the running of the school position.”

Michael, who allowed Deborah to film the session told the camera:

“It was quite a unique oportunity. I do a lot of coaching myself but I don’t personally get coached. I know I need to put myself out of my comfort zone and think about how I respond and avoid deflecting questions as Deborah has picked up on for the greatest chance of success of getting the headteacher job.”

Click here to see video footage of Deborah and Michael’s conversation