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Positive Impact

Deborah Ogden’s Positive Impact training services help clients to present themselves as professional and polished individuals whilst staying true to themselves, letting their personality and values shine through.

Psychologists have proven that that if we feel good about our appearance, we grow in confidence resulting in a positive impact on those around us.

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NEW Total Impact Programme – open workshops 

A programme of five modules to ensure you’ve got your impact covered from every angle.

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Deborah offers Executive Coaching for business owners, directors and professionals helping project a strong personal brand and ensuring maximum positive impact.

You may have taken on a new role; feel you need to be more effective when pitching for business or networking; or simply looking for a way to increase confidence and personal presence.

Consultations can be tailored to you: your needs, time and budget.

All consultations include an audit of where you are now and practical tools to improve your own personal impact: improving confidence, helping you perform to your full potential and build effective relationships with key stakeholders.



Small Businesses & Start-ups

Designed specifically for small businesses and startups the ‘Small Business Big Impact!’ Consultation focuses on the essential tools every business owner needs to make an impact.

The consultation includes guidance on confident networking and building your profile.

Small Business, Big Impact!



‘Make an Impact!’ In-house Workshop

This interactive workshop covers the importance of first impressions and how Impact affects personal performance and relationships with others.

Delegates will be given practical tools to improve their own personal impact: improving their confidence, helping them perform to their full potential and build effective relationships with key stakeholders.

They will learn how people are a crucial component of the company brand, and the importance of consistently representing your company values. Please click below for full details.

If you would prefer a workshop tailored to specific objectives or timings please contact Deborah to discuss your requirements.

Make an Impact! In-house Workshop



Appearance matters as much as ever: perhaps more so in an age where there is less uniformity.  Like it or not, the way we look has a major impact on the impression we make and the influence we exert.’      Sir George Cox


‘I tend to make up my mind about people within thirty seconds of meeting them. I also make up my mind about a business proposal within thirty seconds and whether it excites me.’Sir Richard Branson

Find out how greater professional impact can BENEFIT you…

How do we create an impact?

Whether you work with Deborah on a one-to-one basis or arrange a group workshop, the underlying principles are the same:


  • The authentic you and the message you want to project (your personal brand).
  • How do people really see?  Managing first impressions.
  • Appearance –  your ‘packaging’ sends out signals to everyone you meet.
  • Body language & non-verbal communication.
  • A commitment to apply the principles consistently.


Deborah is also available to speak at lunches, dinners and events on all aspects of Positive Impact and Image.


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