More Impact

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More Impact is your weekly podcast to help you step up and stand out with more Impact.

The vision behind the podcast is to create some ‘bitesize’ Monday motivation to set you up for the week ahead.

I share tools, tips, and ideas to help you step up and elevate your personal brand for more impact, but this is more about an opportunity for you to reflect and even a reminder to be accountable.   By sharing thoughts around what’s happening in my life, I hope they resonate and inspire you to take action.

Episodes are released on a Monday for a blast of inspiration to start your week in the best possible way!

I love listening to other people’s experiences in business.  When I present, I use stories to illustrate the key principles of personal brand and impact in action, bringing the theory to life for my audience.

The podcast ‘On Brand with …’ brings these ideas together, adding colour, and sharing stories of personal branding in action.

My vision has always been to bring the power of personal branding to as wide an audience as possible. For individuals to use their personal brand to unlock their potential and be their best self.

On Brand With …., captures conversations with experts who use their personal brand to best effect.

Personal brand best practice. Personal branding in action, in the real world.

From the music industry, to sport and business, my guests share how they’ve made an impact in their careers with CLARITY, great COMMUNICATION and creating opportunities to CAPITALISE on their brands.